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  • Example

Using Encrypted Notes, You can encrypt text. For example 'Hello World':

In: Hello World

Key: KEY

Out: F|–ÎaPi xˆq»ë

(Note: Not all characters may be displayed in this example due to lack of character support in documentation wiki, so might not decrypt the same)

For a File example, Click here.
  • Instructions
  • Encrypt Text

To encrypt text, enter the text into the text area. You can either enter a key or click 'Generate Key' to open the key generator window and generating a random key. Once a key has been entered, click 'Encrypt' to encrypt the text. To decrypt the text, simply click 'Decrypt'.
  • Encrypt Single Files

Encrypted Notes can also encrypt files.

Go to 'File > Encrypt File' to show the Encrypt File window.
To choose an input file, you can either click 'Choose input file', or simply drag and drop a file into the top text box.
The program will automatically generate a new name for the encrypted file (the output file directory is the same as the input file directory).
The Key used will be the key entered on the main window.
  • Encrypt Multiple File (Batch Encryption)

To Encrypt multiple files, go to 'File > Encrypt Multiple Files', and the Batch encryption window will show.
Simply drag and drop files into the list, choose a key (or the key entered on the main window), choose the output folder (or the input file's folder will be used), and then click 'Encrypt'. All the files will be encrypted with the same key.
  • Changing Encryption Type

To Choose between Triple DES and AES, click 'Options...' then 'Change Encryption Type'. The Default is AES.
  • One-Time Pad Encryption

One-Time Pad Encryption is very strong, but very simple.
To encrypt text using one-time pad, click 'Options...' > 'One-Time Pad encryption'.

Enter some text into the first text box, or drag a text file into it.
Click 'Generate Key' to generate the key (in the middle text box).
Then Click 'Encrypt' to encrypt the text (that will appear in the right text box)

To decrypt the text, enter the cypher text into the right text box, enter the key (or drag and drop a OTP key file into the text box) and click 'Decrypt'.

Note: If the key and the plain/cypher text are different lengths, the program will not encrypt/decrypt the text.
  • More actions

To quickly open a text file, just drag a text file into the main text area.

To quickly open a key file, drag and drop a key file into the key text box.

To quickly open the program and encrypt/decrypt a file, drag a file onto the program's icon.

To hide/show the program, double click the icon in the task bar.
  • Other Programs

These are other programs that I have made:

Folder Bookmarks

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